Treat Knee Pain With Osteopathy

Treat Knee Injuries with Osteopathy at Osteopath Sutherland Shire in Miranda

Knee injury is a common problem among humanity. At some stage of life, people experience knee pain due to one reason or another. The knee structure includes tendons, cartilage, bones, bursas, muscles, and ligaments. So, there are various reasons why you may experience knee pain.

A knee injury or pain ranges from little pain to serious injury when you can’t stand or walk. From elders to toddlers, anyone can experience knee injuries. It can be a minor injury or chronic depending on the situation.

There are various ways to handle knee pain and live a normal life. From a pain killer to modern techniques, you have a lot of options. However, osteopathic treatment is the safest and harmless way to tackle a knee injury. Whether you have dislocated your knee or experience chronic pain, an osteopath can help you recover in no time.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of knee pain, how you can reduce it, and how osteopathy helps you overcome it.

Knee Pain Causes

Knee injury usually comes from collisions and falls. Knee pain usually comes from problems in muscle mechanics and issues with the kneecap.

Osteopathic treatment involves finding the right cause and treating it accurately. An osteopath will bring back the mechanical balance of your knee and relevant regions. It will give you pain relief allowing you to move confidently.

Osteopathy is a modern way of treatment. So, your osteopath will guide you if you need any extra medical assessment.

How Osteopaths Examine Knee?

Before visiting an osteopath, you may have some concerns that how they will handle it. You may want to know how they will examine your knee. Will it cause you pain? The aim of an osteopath is to recover your knee and bring it back to normal with no delay.

Osteopaths will initiate the process by getting your history including accidents, healthy issues, surgeries, or any past injury. Moreover, they try to look for the cause behind the pain. They will ask you about symptoms.

Once an osteopath will have your history, they will begin the examination. They will hold your leg and examine how the muscles are working and what is the position of joints. Moreover, is there any tenderness or tension? It helps in understanding which muscles, joints, or ligaments are causing the real problem.

Apart from the knee, they will consider other relevant parts as well including hips, feet up, ankle, etc. You never know which part is causing the pain until you examine everything. There are possibilities that the knee pain is caused by other parts of the body.

How to Reduce Knee Pain?

Once your osteopath will determine the cause of pain, they will suggest you an osteopathic treatment. Depending on the cause, they may suggest gentle exercise, heating, ice packs, stretching, rest, creams, supplements, compression support, and strengthening appropriate muscles.

Furthermore, the knee bears most of your weight. You need to maintain your weight to maintain its normality. When you gain weight, you put extra pressure on your knee which leads to pain and injuries. Regular exercise can help you reduce knee pain if it is caused by extra weight. Chronic pain can be reduced by swimming or playing tennis.

Depending on the root cause, your osteopath will give you a plan. By following the guide, you will not only get rid of your pain but also return to normal life.

Why Choose Osteopathic Treatment?

When it comes to osteopathy, you may wonder why you should choose it instead of medical treatment. The first and most important reason is that it is a holistic way. Osteopath doesn’t only focus on the knee but your entire body. They consider everything that could affect your knee. The whole-body approach solves the issue accurately and brings you back to normal life. Osteopaths can’t only treat knee pains, but also help in post-surgery problems.


Osteopathy is one of the best ways to handle knee injuries. Osteopaths consider everything and look for the root cause of the pain. Any treatment that focuses on the cause of pain and removes it is more effective than other treatments. Since there is no harm to osteopathic treatment, there is no reason why you should not go for it.

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