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Tendons are the strong fibers, which connect our muscles to the bones. This fiber is responsible for the easy and smooth movement of our body parts. However, due to extensive usage, the tendons may experience wear and tear.

When it happens, the person would experience the symptoms of a common disorder known as tendonitis. The patients normally feel a dull ache, which turns into severe pain after a while. It also affects the movement of limbs and joints, resulting in restrained mobility.

Here, we are going to share some information about Tendonitis and its treatment through osteotherapy.

What causes Tendonitis

Basically, Tendonitis is a type of disorder, which relates to the inflammation of a tendon. There are different tendons located in our body. When a specific tendon is torn or inflamed, it results in a particular type of Tendonitis.

Some of the additional causes of painful tendons include joint irritation, muscle spasm, and nerve compression. The disorder may cause pain in the shoulder, wrist, ankle, and hip. Tendonitis is difficult to diagnose, as the initial symptoms are not that specific.

Hence, it would be appropriate to visit the best osteopathlikeSouthpoint Health Miranda. The treatment strategies applied by our osteopaths prove to be effective while reducing pain and inflammation.

Types of Tendonitis

Discussed below are the most prominent types of Tendonitis.  

Gluteus Medius Tendonitis

It is a hip tendon inflammation, which is commonly experienced in the hipbone. The pain may be felt in the lower or upper part of the hipbone and outside the thigh area. The sensation of pain may range from light to debilitating. 

Ankle Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis refers to as the common disorder amongst the people over 40 years of age. Moreover, if you do not stretch your calf prior to exercise, it may result in the tearing or injury of the calf muscles.

This kind of tendonitis is also caused due to repetitive ankle sprains or fractured ankles, which results in the pain at the backside of an ankle. The patient finds it difficult to walk or perform other activities.

Wrist Tendonitis

The Wrist Tendonitis occurs due to trauma (outstretched arm or hand) or repetitive use of wrist in an extended position.  This type of tendonitis is hard to manage, which requires its proper diagnosis and treatment. Only the best osteopath can treat the true causes of inflammation and minimize the pain caused due to strain.

Supraspinatus Tendonitis

It is a kind of Tendonitis, which is caused due to the inflammation of shoulder tendon. This limits and restricts the movement of the shoulder, which results in debilitating pain. The patient may feel pain at the upper or lower part of the shoulder and at the area close to the elbow. 

The supraspinatus muscle is closely linked to the rotator cuff, which makes it hard to manage this kind of tendonitis.  Therefore, in order to relieve yourself from the pain and discomfort caused due to Supraspinatus Tendonitis, it is essential to seek treatment from the best osteopath in the town.

How Osteotherapy can help to Treat Tendonitis

No doubt, early diagnosis of any kind of medical condition is the key to seek complete recovery. If you are facing any of the above disorders, it would be better to see one of our qualified osteopaths. By doing so, you will be in a position to put yourself on the road to recovery.

Osteotherapy utilizes a combination of effective techniques and management strategies. This not only treats your disorder but also reduces the chances of future injuries. Osteopathy has proved to be quite effective while dealing with the tendonitis.

It promotes the body to utilize its own healing power. By using a wide range of techniques, our osteopaths can help to reduce inflammation and pain. Moreover, it also prevents the recurrence of this condition in the near future.

Furthermore, our experienced osteopaths also suggest relevant changes in posture and lifestyle habits. This helps to enhance joint stability and reduce inflammation. By offering massage and applying manipulation techniques, osteopaths help to improve your movement.

In addition, joint mobilization, soft tissue techniques, and stretching exercises can also help to reduce the pain and restore lost mobility.

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