Slipped Disc

Sliped Disc Pain needs an Osteopath
Slipped Disc causing back pain

Talking about the disc located in our spine, it’s a shock-absorbing tissue located within each vertebra. The basic purpose of the disc is to absorb the pressure and shock faced by the spine. This helps to protect the vertebra as well as the spine.

In this article, we are going to throw some light over a particular disorder known as a slipped disc and its management through osteopathy treatment.

What is Slipped Disc Disorder?
In fact, the slipped disc is a condition where the soft part of the disc starts to bulge out. This prolapse tends to exert some pressure on the spinal cord, which results in a variety of symptoms associated with the issue of slipped disc disorder.

However, it’s essential to consider that most of the people suffering from this disorder don’t experience any kind of noticeable symptoms.

Cause of a Slipped Disc
Normally, the main cause of a slipped disc is the breaking down of the circle that engulfs the connective tissue. It weakens the boundary of the connective tissues, which results in the bulging of the disc. This normally happens when a person gets older.

Furthermore, hard physical labor may also cause slipped disc. This condition is also observed after an injury, trauma or traffic accident.

Symptoms of Slipped Disc

Depending on the kind of damage to the nerves, symptoms differ from patient to patient. This disorder usually affects the lower back, causing severe back pain and restricting the movement. Some of the other symptoms include:

  • Paralysis of a single muscle
  • Possibly of debilitating pain that radiates through the legs or arms
  • Failure to control the bladder function
  • Disturbing feel in the rectum
  • In severe condition, paralysis of both legs

Slipped Disc Treatment through Osteotherapy

No matter whether it’s a minor strain, prolapse or protrusion, the disc has surely received some sort of damage. As a result, it needs time and proper care for its repair. When it comes to osteopathy treatment, an experienced doctor of Osteopathy tries to find out the cause of such a disorder.

Here at Osteopath Sutherland Shire in Miranda, we also pay attention to identify the true cause of a disorder and then offer the required treatment. Therefore, while treating the issue of disc slip, we encourage the repair process by assisting the spine to heal itself.

It involves easing the protective spasm around the slipped disc. In order to manage this disorder and reduce the chances of recurrence, we advise postural tips to the patient. Moreover, other types of techniques involve stretching, hot or cold packs, and other mobility exercises.

The most noticeable advantage of osteopathy treatment is its ability to minimize recovery time. As a result, patients tend to get back on their feet much quicker. An osteopath tries to lower the muscle spasm, which is the major cause of stiffness and pain.

Through this type of treatment, the chances of scar tissue formation are also reduced. In addition, an osteopath not only treats the affected area but also pays attention to the surrounding areas. This helps to minimize the pressure on the slipped disc.

Talking about the traditional medical approach, it involves pain management through muscles relaxants and painkillers. In some cases, surgery is the ultimate choice for treating slipped disc disorder.

On the contrary, osteopathic treatment assists the natural healing process by providing the appropriate conditions to the damaged disc. Osteopathy treatmentnot only relieves the pain and discomfort but also lowers the recovery time.

How we can Help?

Here at Ostreopath Sutherland Shire in Miranda, we are committed to providing state of the art osteopathic treatment to our patients. Through our tried and tested osteopathic techniques, it is possible to speed up the process of recovery. Especially, in case of slipped disc, our specialized osteopaths know exactly how to treat this disorder.

Since we have years of experience, you can rely on us while dealing with your slipped disc issue. By using specific techniques, we release the pressure around protective muscle spasm. This particular part of the disc protects the symptomatic disc. It helps to lower back pain and enhance the functionality of your spine.

In addition, we also assist and advise the patients while managing their condition. Although anti-inflammatory and pain management prescriptions can prove to be helpful, relying solely on them won’t be appropriate.

It is beneficial to know the cause of the slipped disc issue. It serves as a key element while treating the disorder within less time. Furthermore, it also prevents the reoccurrence of this issue in the future. At Osteopath Sutherland Shire in Miranda, we do emphasis on guiding and educating our patients.