Slipped Disc

Sliped Disc Pain needs an OsteopathSLIPPED DISC

All the commonly used terms such as “ruptured disc” “slipped disc” or “prolapsed disc” refer to some sort of physical damage sustained by the disc. When the situation further aggravates, it serves as the cause of severe back pain. It takes considerable time to resolve any kind of disc problem, as the body requires time to repair the damaged tissue. Osteopathy is considered as an effective way to reduce the pain, aid the healing process and allow better mobility posture.


The main symptom associated with the Slipped disc is a debilitating pain in the back that also runs through arms or legs. Other symptoms include numbness, Pins and needles, and weakness, which are either intermittent or continual. It may also affect bladder and bowel function in case of severity of the disease.


Osteopathy can assist in improving the mechanical function of the spine and minimising the pain from the symptomatic disc. This treatment provides better results in the long term, which are not possible to achieve with just massage or a painkiller. Even if you had undergone a surgery, osteopathic treatment may turn out to be an effective tool for fast recovery.

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