Sciatica Pain

The term “sciatica” pain refers to “irritation or inflammation of the sciatic nerve”

Treat Sciatic Pain using Osteopathy


Sciatica is a particular term that relates to a severe pain felt through your buttock region and down the back of your leg. Some other symptoms include sensory changes such as pins and needles, possible loss of muscle power or numbness.


The intermittent symptoms like pins and needles and weakness are experienced. Constant pain and sharpness on movement are some of the continual symptoms involving a pain in the lower back, leg, and feet.

Osteopaths are well-trained practitioners, who have the skills to identify and diagnose the causes of sciatic pain and offer proper treatment. Apart from the soft tissue and joint mobilisation regime, Osteopaths also prescribe lifestyle advice and long-term exercises.


At Osteopath Sutherland Shire is capable of providing the best osteopathic treatment with a view to minimising the severity of initial symptoms through subtle Osteopathy adjustments and manipulation. If disc herniation has been already diagnosed, you can take maximum benefit from the treatment as improvement in the functionality of the local musculoskeletal structures does provide some relief and also helps to speed up tissue recovery.

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