Osteopathy Pregnancy

Osteopathy Pregnancy and its Benefits

Osteopathy PregnancyPregnancy involves certain ongoing adaptations, which assist the proper development of a child during each phase. This includes softening of the ligaments, changes in the spine curve and alteration in overall body posture. As the child continues to grow, the center of gravity moves forward gradually. It changes the impact of natural mechanical stress on the body and magnifies the sensation of arching in the lower back. Due to these changes, the pressure on the muscles, ligaments and spinal joints increase to a great extent.

The philosophy of Osteotherapy is based on the basic functions of a body, which are integrated and coordinated through the musculoskeletal system. Osteopaths have the experience and knowledge to assess, diagnose, and treat the symptoms or abnormalities faced by a patient. Osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) is a tried and tested method, which evaluates and treats the body as a whole. This results in the removal of impediments to achieve optimal health and physiologic functioning of a body.

Osteopathic pregnancy helps the body to overcome certain impacts of the changes appeared during stages of the pregnancy. Osteotherapy is an ideal treatment for maintaining body’s balance by regulating nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems. Osteopathy treatment is a non-invasive and gentle process, which is conducted by a qualified osteopath.

This kind of therapy facilitates the body to adjust its biomechanical and physiological requirements during pregnancy. It has been observed that women who undergo regular sessions of Osteotherapy had experienced less back pain and shorter labor.

Advantages of Osteopathy Pregnancy

As stated earlier, pregnancy introduces various chemical, emotional and physical changes within the short span of time. The body faces constant physical strain with reference to its tissues, joints, organs, and ligaments. With a view to preparing a body to adapt to such changes, the pregnant woman needs to alter her walking, sitting and sleeping postures, which arises new pains and aches. In these circumstances, Osteopathic treatment may provide some relief from typical symptoms associated with pregnancy. Some of the benefits of osteopathy pregnancy are as under.

  • Minimizes Groin, pubic symphysis and lower abdominal pain
  • Lowers Sciatica pain and Headaches
  • Deals effectively with the muscular tension, shoulder, neck and back pain
  • Relieves the symptoms of Heartburn and Nausea
  • Improves breathing by lowering the rib and mid back pain
  • Manages circulatory issues including swelling in the varicose veins and legs due to immense abdominal pressure

Procedures Adopted During Osteopathic Treatment

After consultation, an osteopath will take into account any past medical history and current symptoms. Each patient receives a different treatment, which includes techniques like cranial Osteopathy, soft tissue massage, and mobilizations. These procedures help to stretch muscles, relieve pain, mobilize joints and release stress.

Once the required level of improvement is achieved, the patient will receive maintenance treatment to handle specific parts of a body and spine, which require special attention. Osteopathy pregnancy can minimize the gravity of discomfort and stress leading to an easy and natural pregnancy.

In order to achieve better results, an Osteopath will help the patient in the following manner.

  • Assists the patient to relive any pains and aches
  • Suggests exercises, stretches and breathing techniques for maintaining a healthy body during pregnancy
  • Gives necessary advice to enhance the flexibility of the abdomen and pelvis
  • Assist mother for a quick recovery after birth

Contraindications of Osteopathy Pregnancy

The Osteopathic treatment has proved to be both effective and safe during pregnancy. The Osteotherapy techniques are carefully designed and selected for pregnant women. This is done to avail maximum benefits and with the minimized risk factor. During this treatment, the comfort of the mother and the safety of her child is always taken into consideration. Therefore, each patient receives a customized treatment with a view to addressing particular issues. However, there are certain conditions where such a treatment should be avoided. These include:

  • Abruption placentae
  • Rupture of membranes without labor
  • Eclampsia, and ectopic pregnancy
  • Premature labor
  • Incompetent cervix

Post-Pregnancy Osteopathic Treatment

After the child is born, it is recommended that both the infant and mother should see an osteopath for routine check-up or treatment, if necessary. It can help to restore the pelvic alignment and maintain mobility. As a result, the patient will quickly recover from the symptoms of any discomfort and pain after the childbirth. In addition, Osteotherapy after pregnancy may assist in:

  • Achieving previous body shape quickly
  • Revitalizing the body by regaining flexibility and strength

Looking for any strains in the pelvis or backbone and treat them

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