Osteopathy and its Benefits

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Osteopath Treaments

With the passage of time, as we grow old, feeling a sensation of pain, aches, and strain is normal. However, there is nothing to worry about, as now you can relieve your body from stress and pain through Osteopathic treatment. It is a proven method to rejuvenate and reclaim a healthy body.  Osteopathy provides desired results irrespective of age factor and proves to be effective during pregnancy and old age.

Osteopathy supports healing by focusing on how your body systems are communicating. In fact, this treatment follows a holistic and hands-on approach for a particular patient, which ensures a harmonious functioning of the ligaments, skeleton, muscles, and connective tissue.

To achieve such a perfection, a qualified Osteopath applies a wide range of techniques, encompassing physical manipulation, stretching, touch, and massage. Apart from various other reasons, arthritis and joint discomfort are some of the most common reasons to visit an Osteopathic Clinic, especially for those over 50.  Osteopathic treatment involves thrust techniques, stretching, and joint movements, which minimize pain, increase joint range of movement, and improve mobility.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, visiting an Osteopath can also prove beneficial in the following manners.

Osteopathy; A Gentle Cure for Pain

An Osteopath considers your body as a whole and treats the pain you experience in various parts of the body. Osteopathic treatment may cure and reduce pain in various area including backbone, ankle, head, and neck. It works as a perfect stress and pain reliever due to some key factors, which are mentioned as under:

  1. Noticeable reduction in muscle/joint pain and stiffness by addressing the underlying cause of pain
  2. Treats back pain caused due to spinal disk injuries or poor posture
  3. Non-invasive treatment helps reduce chronic pain
  4. Minimizes the tension in the muscles
  5. Allows a body to embrace structural and hormonal changes during pregnancy

May Act as an Immunity Booster

As mentioned in the ‘Journal of the American Osteopathic Association’, Osteopathy promotes better lymph flow. This, as a result, increases the ‘slgA’ levels, which is normally present in people with strong psychological and emotional stress. It has been observed that such an increase provides required protection against upper respiratory tract infections.

Low-Impact Treatments

Unlike massage therapy where deep tissue pressure is applied, Osteopathic treatment involves a lighter and softer approach. Nevertheless, Osteopath may apply some pressure while administering Osteopathic Manipulation. This technique is commonly used to treat musculoskeletal disorders resulting from repetitive strains and sports injuries.

No Equipment Used

In most of the cases, a practicing Osteopath doesn’t use technological or medical tools like ultrasound machines as used by some chiropractors or physiotherapists. On the contrary, osteopaths rely heavily on their hands while using them as healing tools.

In fact, there is nothing more sensitive than a human touch, which helps practitioners to decode the message coming from the tissues and muscles. With a gentle manipulation, one can easily relax the tight muscles/joints or tethered nerves.

Prevents against Reoccurrence of Injury

Osteopaths take into consideration all the elements, which cause a particular injury to reappear. This allows an Osteopath to ensure prevention from such acute condition in future. Besides, Osteopathic treatment plays a vital role while helping patients in the following manner.

  1. Assists body to heal itself
  2. Treatment of accident-related including Motor vehicle injuries and Sport injuries
  3. Reduce adhesions and scars

Reduces the Effects of Chronic Illnesses

Treatment provided at Osteopathic Clinic can relieve a person from symptoms of post-chronic illness including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), asthma, and arthritis. It restores the body’s normal function while treating the root causes of disease and pain.

Relaxes Your Body and Mind

By using correct osteopathic techniques, this type of treatment can cast a relaxing impact over body and mind. Its ability to minimize stress levels by enhancing the efficiency of body’s mechanism such as nerve supply, immune system, and blood flow. The procedure adopted in an Osteopathic Clinic is based on the philosophy that our body has a natural ability to heal and regulate on its own.

An osteopath uses their hands to put gentle pressure over the body for optimum results. Some of the techniques used during osteopathic treatment are mentioned below:

  1. Stretching the stiffened joints
  2. Release and relax muscles through gentle massage
  3. Triggering joint movement through a natural range of articulation and motion

Osteopathy Treats Your Body as a Whole

There are certain types of treatments, which tend to address only a specific disorder or disease, whereas Osteopathic treatment casts an impact on every part of the body. It works on the principle that a strong relationship exists between all organs of a body and their systems.

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