Osteopathic Treatment for Headaches and Neck Pain

Osteopathic Treatment for Headaches and Neck Pain

Osteotherapy is a manipulative treatment, which is based on the concept that an individual is a combination of mind, body, and spirit. Osteopathic treatment takes its strength from the self-healing ability of a body. The process of osteopathy involves diagnosis and treatment plan that depends largely on the interrelationship of the following.

  • Structure and function
  • Precise palpation
  • Manual tests
  • Techniques to find the causes of dysfunction and treat them
  • Restore mobility of every part of the body

This type of manual therapy and medicine has been widely used for the treatment of facial, head, and neck pain. You can also consult one of the local osteopaths serving in your area to avail the benefits of Osteopathy.

The success of manipulative treatment is based on the precise and non-invasive techniques. Hence, when adapted, tissue quality responds to these techniques and circulation of body fluids is maintained properly.

Types of Headaches and their Treatment through Osteotherapy

A headache is considered as the most common disorder, which affects the major portion of the population. The most reported types of headaches include Cervical and Tension headaches.

Cervical and Tension Headaches

Osteopaths often treat these two types of headaches, which may affect the whole head or its parts. The patient usually complains about a gripping feel or a strong pressure around the head.

Cervical Headaches

A Cervical headache appears gradually after weeks of an injury such as whiplash, caused due to a road accident. Apart from this, another cause associated with this headache is a poor sitting posture where the neck is arched back and head jutting forward.

An irritation to the nerve roots of the upper neck is another cause of a Cervical headache. This condition appears after any restrictions or damage to the ligaments and joints of the lower or upper part of the neck.

Tension Headache

Typically, tension headache initially feels on the area where head and neck meet and usually travels to the forehead. The normal cause of this kind of a headache is stiffness of the neck muscles. The condition is further aggravated by constant head and neck movements or by keeping the neck in a specific position for a while.


Benefits of Osteopathy are numerous, especially during treatment of headaches and neck pain. If you are suffering from any type of a headache, contacting one of the local Osteopaths is surely a good idea. Osteotherapy includes careful examination of the muscles, joints, and neural structures of the neck region.

In addition, screening and postural assessment of some other areas are also conducted. This process allows an osteopath to look for certain imbalances, which may have been adding tension to the neck, lower back, thoracic spine shoulders, and pelvis.

Osteopathic Treatment helps to improve the function of a particular area by facilitating joint mobility and reducing facial tension. With the application of relevant soft tissue techniques and mobilization, the patient experiences a noticeable relief from a headache and neck pain.

Osteopath gives ergonomic and postural advice, once the treatment is over. Furthermore, particular self-treatment exercises are also suggested in order to reduce tension and maintain a strong flexible posture.

Osteopathic Treatment for Neck pain

Cervicalgia or commonly known as neck pain is a general health issue faced by most of the people. Neck pain can be classified into acute and chronic, depending on the actual causes.

Some of the most notified causes of acute neck pain are sleeping in a poor position, whiplash or trauma. The chronic neck pain is usually caused by an uncomfortable driving position, poor sitting posture or pathological conditions including spinal Osteoarthritis or Stenosis.

Osteotherapy is referred as one of the ideal ways to relieve neck pain. Based on a corrective manual therapy, osteopathic treatment facilitates the muscular and bone alignment of the neck. Given below are some of the Benefits of Osteopathy, especially with reference to the neck pain.

  • Osteopaths apply gentle manipulation techniques depending on the gravity of the disease and age of the patient, which ensures the safety of a patient
  • Once the diagnosis is complete, osteopath manages to lower muscular tension in the neck by implementing a wide range of osteopathic techniques
  • Movements of the neck joints are improved with soft tissues massage. This releases the tension and relaxes the stiffened neck muscles
  • Local Osteopaths may also render advice regarding sitting posture in the car or at your workplace. You will be advised to follow a simple self-exercise regime, which involves stretching movements, designed for maintaining the natural mobility of the neck muscles
  • After just a few sessions of Osteotherapy, you will definitely experience a soothing and relaxing feel

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