Tension - Headache see an OsteopathThe most common type of a headache is one that originates from the neck. Some other causes include eyestrain, neck injury, sinus disease, jaw misalignment, migraines, poor posture, and tension headache from stress.

Since Osteopaths are the primary health care practitioners, they are trained to draw a distinction between headaches due to serious pathology and those caused by common disorders.


Headaches are of different types including slight pain, relentless migraine and a pain that radiates through the upper neck, eye area, and forehead. The symptoms also include dizziness, nausea, disturbances to vision, and loss of taste or smell. If any of these symptoms are experienced, you should immediately seek medical advice.


The most common cause of a headache is the increased muscular tension at the base of the skull, where the patient feels pain in the forehead and eye area. The mobility is also reduced due to the joint restrictions and tightened muscles. Moreover, an irritation of the local nerves and blood vessels is also experienced. Osteopathic treatment is an effective method to address these symptoms by reducing nerve irritation and muscular tension. It also improves blood drainage and supply to and from the neck and head.

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