Enhanced Primary Care

Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) now known as Chronic Disease Management (CDM) – Patient Information from Osteopath Sutherland Shire and Southpoint Health Clinic in Miranda

Who is eligible to get services from Osteopath Sutherland Shire and Southpoint Health Clinic Miranda?

If you have a chronic medical condition, you may seek the option to claim Medicare rebates for allied health services. However, it is essential that these services are managed by your GP under the two compulsory items of Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) including a TCAs and GPMP. The need for allied health services like Osteopath Sutherland Shire and Southpoint Health Clinic should be linked directly to your condition.

Medical Conditions Osteopath Sutherland Shire can Treat

The term medical condition relates to a disorder that has been continuously prevailing (or is likely to be prevailing) for six months or more, for instance, cancer, diabetes, asthma, musculoskeletal conditions, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.

Although there is no list of eligible conditions, the CDM items are specifically designed for patients in need of a structured approach and to allow GPs to coordinate and plan care for the patients suffering from complex conditions. These are the patients, who require continuous care from a multidisciplinary team.

Management of Your Condition with your GP and Osteopath Sutherland Shire

A GPMP will authorize your GP to give a structured approach to your care, whether or not your condition demands complex care. It serves as a plan of action, which allows you to create and agree on management goals with your GP.

In addition, if you have complex care needs, which require multidisciplinary care, TCAs will authorize your GP to treat you while collaborating with a minimum of two other care providers like Osteopath Sutherland Shire and Southpoint Health Clinic in Miranda NSW.

TCAs decide who will be involved in your care and help synchronize the team-based approach.

Individual Allied Health Services like Osteopathy Treatments

Once you have TCAs and GPMP in place from your GP, you can obtain up to five treatments with Southpoint Health clinic in Miranda or Osteopath Sutherland Shire, each year.

Your GP is the only person who decides whether you should be referred to these services or not. Your GP also identifies the number and type of services required. However, you may request your GP for referring you to either Southpoint Health clinic or Osteopath Sutherland Shire in Miranda.

Patients in residential aged care facilities

The inhabitants of residential aged care facilities may also seek Medicare rebates for allied health services. However, they are eligible only if their GP has contributed to a multidisciplinary care plan created by the facility.


  • Medicare rebate for a total of five allied health services per patient in a year from qualified providers like Southpoint Health Clinic and Osteopath Sutherland Shire Miranda
  • A patient should possess a Team Care Arrangements (TCAs) and GP Management Plan (GPMP) (or a multidisciplinary care plan for the inhabitants of a residential aged care facility).
  • You need not to bear out-of-pocket costs if a provider approves the Medicare benefit as being the full payment for a service. On the contrary, you are bound to pay the difference between the Medicare rebate and the fee charged. Medicare will pay $52.95 for each treatment as a subsidy. You don’t need health fund. Only Medicare card and saving/cheque card are the necessary items.
  • Only eligible providers should offer Allied health services, who are registered with Medicare Australia.
  • The consent of your GP is essential for you to benefit from these services. If approved by your GP, you will be referred to appropriate allied health services.